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Cheap Flights with Cashback

Updated: Jan 4

Wow, finally a cashback loyalty program for all of your flights! This program allows users to earn cashback on airline tickets, hotels, consultations with travel experts, and other helpful tips from locals. The destination options show flight options, as well as nearby attractions, photo opportunities, beaches, and other articles and tags on the location.

It’s helpful that you can see the cashback amount before booking, that way it's easier to weigh your options. You can easily withdraw all your cashback dollars to your Paypal account at any time, with no stressing about an expiration date. Flights allow users up to 5% cashback, while hotels, rental cars, and other excursions can offer up to 10% cashback. Each dollar earned in cashback points is a dollar gained to earn on your next trip. You can use the plus option to earn even more out of your travel experience, which allows you to see more of the world!

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